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This is the largest of our three pens which provides lots of room for your dog to run, play fetch and stretch their legs.

Our team will interact and play with your pups to their hearts content. We have several activities within this pen that your dogs can use to fulfil their day.

About our pens

After our pups have had their playtime session our pens provide nap time in the afternoon. We all know as much as our dogs like to run around and explore, equally they love snoozing and having naps. We have lots of comfy beds located in each of the pens where our pooches can chill out, snooze and dream about the fun day they have had.

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We wanted somewhere we would feel safe leaving our three boys, so it had to be just perfect. Our ethos behind Canine Camp is if it wasn't good enough for Simba, Lenny and Monty, then it’s not good enough for our customers
Canine Camp