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18th November 2017 - Talking Dogs Scentworks

As featured in Dogs Monthly, and Your Dog magazines, Talking Dogs Scentwork is a unique organisation which introduces scentwork to owners and their dogs! They feature 6 workshops that individuals (and their dogs) may work their way through, building on the foundations learnt.

This isn't just for the dogs that 'have a good nose', but for any four-legged woofer, big or small, young or old!
It has been found to build trust and can help speed up bonding with newly rescued dogs, as well as help build concentration in young or impulsive dogs. The beauty of scentwork is that each dog works to his or her own ability, as handlers, trainers and assistants constantly respond and fine tune the search according to what the individual dog needs. And of course, it’s FUN! Dogs are allowed to be dogs and engage in an activity that owners can often find annoying or worrysome. Instead of battling against their natural desire to search, owners can harness and control the search.

By integrating techniques from other disciplines, such as gundog training, and encouraging the use of food as well as toys, scentwork becomes accessible to all.

Open to dog professionals, owners, or simply those with an interest in doggy detective work, the Scent 1 Workshop will be sure to be a thrilling day for both you and your dog!

To book your place onto one of our workshops, or for any questions, please contact us via:

phone:        0191 290 9938
facebook:    @CanineCampLtd

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We wanted somewhere we would feel safe leaving our three boys, so it had to be just perfect. Our ethos behind Canine Camp is if it wasn't good enough for Simba, Lenny and Monty, then it’s not good enough for our customers
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